Friday, August 31, 2012

What a busy YEAR! A YEAR?! Wow...

Oh, I tried to tell you people I was sketchy about posting on here...add to that the incredible year I've had, and well, here we are. Let me seee...where to start. Well, I guess I'll start with things I covered in my last post.

This time of year is a real dog here in's heating up again - supposed to be 100+ for the next few days. Fortunately, I work inside, so I don't suffer too much.

We haven't done much in the way of landscaping, except to say that the rain we did get last Spring really did wonders for the ol' lawn. I'm getting compliments from neighbors on it, so that's a win. We ultimately got the last root of the Red Tips out of the side yard, so those are nothing but a memory now.

Right after that last post, I started work as a bartender for the American Legion in San Antonio. It started off as a really fun gig, mostly older customers, mostly fixed-income, mostly bad tremendously spectacular thing came of it!!!! I found the love of my life. Shyeah, I know, RIGHT?! I've been giddy for the last EIGHT months. NOW do you get why I haven't written?!

So, for anyone who hasn't seen my posts on Facebook, his name is Jimmy Bayona, and here he is:

I have learned so SO much in the last year from this man. How to move forward with all ones' heart and soul. What true love is SUPPOSED to feel like. And some Spanish. Without going into massive detail, this guy has changed his life for me in so many ways, and he appreciates me for being me - and all of that has changed my life more than I ever imagined it could be changed. I love to be around him - he makes me laugh every day, and makes me glad that he found me every minute.

So, technically, how did we meet?, ok... I was tending bar at the Legion. He'd come in for karaoke. Ok, before you pass judgment on karaoke - he can actually sing. And he's a ham, which made watching him fun. It's still fun - I love to see him sing. So he spent a while trying to get me to go out to dinner with him. I came up with all kinds of "no". "No, thanks, I'm a widow, and just not ready." "No, thanks, I'm not really looking for anyone right now." "No, REALLY, thanks anyhow." Until, finally, that cute smile and those adorable ears...and a sneaky kiss...made me cave in.

We were inseparable for two weeks - from the day after Thanksgiving last year until he had to go to Houston for work. I think we both knew after those two weeks that we'd be together...well, forever, I guess, since he asked me to marry him! <squeal!> I know, RIGHT?! An actual marriage. I don't even know how to act - all wedding-thinky n stuff. When he came back from Houston, I had a space cleared for him in my closet, and that was that. Ok, so now that I've blurted all that out, I'll save a little for another post so that I don't come off as a complete slobbering, googoo-eyed schoolgirl.

In other news, Mom and I drove to PA for Christmas. With Sticks and Bones. Oh what a trip. Let me just post a few shots here and then get back to the commentary:
This is totally NOT a picture of Cousin Robyn. Check out the dudes behind her.
Mom tryin' to get some cheez. Best Italian market EVERRR.
PNC Park - didn't go here, just drove past.

Under one of the many bridges...

Still my favorite city. 

Oh yes we did. Thank you once again to Cousin Robyn for bein' a ROCK STAR COUSIN.

Random drunk yinzers.

Me and Cousin Robyn - me with stashed Terrible Towels and one La Toalla Terrible for my new Mexican boyfriend. Heh.

Aunt Pat in front of Aunt Alice's Christmas tree. Aunt Alice is fancy.

Uh huh...Uncle Alex "coping" with 5 women talking all at the same time.

It took us FIVE shots to get one this good. And it's really not...what IS it about our family that no one seems to be able to keep their eyes open in photos?
Ok, so I'm going to go ahead and post this, or I'll never get on with it. I have tons more news (Sticks, Agnes/Baggies, Port A, new pop-up trailer...), pictures, etc. I WILL be back. Honest. And it won't be a YEAR, for cryin' out loud. Stay tuned. PLEASE?